How Often Should I Clean My Carpets?

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April 19, 2023 0 Comments

Carpet cleaning has multiple advantages including removing dust, pet or human hair, and pollution that can negatively impact your loved ones’ health. It can eliminate allergens and other particles that may cause allergies, remove stains, and improve the overall appearance and freshness of your home.

Clean and Care: How Often Should You Clean Your Carpets for a Healthy Home?

However, while it may seem like cleaning your carpets every day is harmless, excessive cleaning can reduce their lifespan. To avoid this, it’s important to know how often to clean your carpets and recognize the signs that you may be cleaning them too frequently, and this article will guide you through these factors.

If your family members are allergic or have chronic diseases such as asthma 

Neglecting to clean your carpet can lead to a major issue: the accumulation of allergens such as pet hair or particles. When someone walks on the carpet, these allergens can become airborne and pose a threat to people with asthma or allergies.

While those without allergies may not be affected as much, individuals with severe allergies may need to vacuum their carpets every day and get them professionally cleaned 2-3 times annually. By monitoring allergy symptoms alongside your carpet cleaning routine, you can determine the most effective course of action.

If you are worried about the color of the carpet 

Although light-colored carpets can enhance the appearance of a room and look sophisticated, they are also more susceptible to showing dust particles and difficult-to-remove stains. On the other hand, the advantage of having light-colored carpets is that it’s easier to recognize when they’re dirty.

Typically, you should get these types of carpets professionally cleaned twice annually, without taking into account any other household factors that may impact the cleaning frequency.

If you have pets in your house 

Typically, pet hair is one thing that is found on the carpet, no matter which breed of pet you have. Sometimes, pets urinate or vomit on carpets accidently even if they are trained.

In this scenario, you should vacuum the high-traffic areas every one or two days. Other than this, you should vacuum the entire house at least once in a week. Also, you should get your carpet professionally cleaned at least twice annually.

If you have kids in your house 

Children play and get dirty and you cannot prevent them from doing so. But, this makes the carpet dirty more quickly. If your kids play on the carpet often, you should keep it clean for their health and safety.

For this, you should vacuum your carpets every week and spot-clean stains or food crumbs daily. Other than this, you should get your carpet professionally cleaned twice a year.

Seek help from professional carpet cleaners 

Dubai Laundry Services is dedicated to providing you with a customized carpet cleaning schedule that caters to your requirements. If you’re uncertain about how frequently you should clean your carpets and when to get them professionally cleaned, our cordial team is available to assist you with any queries you may have.

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