What’s the Cost of Hiring a Carpet Cleaning Company?

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April 27, 2023 0 Comments

Regular carpet cleaning is crucial for maintaining their quality and longevity. With time, dirt accumulates in your carpets and leaves behind stains and unpleasant odors. But, unfortunately, many people fail to do so thinking that hiring the best carpet cleaning company is costly and they can afford to spend that amount frequently.

Professional carpet cleaning isn’t costly. If you learn its benefits, you will understand that the service worth paying for. Rest, you need to understand how a carpet cleaning company functions and charges for the service.

In this post, we will discuss the important considerations of carpet cleaning and its costs.

Steam cleaning

If you have synthetic carpets with stubborn stains that you’ve tried to remove without success, steam cleaning is an excellent solution. If other cleaning methods don’t work, you can opt for this cost-effective cleaning solution.

Carpet shampooing

Using a carpet shampooer or a carpet washer is another effective way of thoroughly cleaning your carpets. In carpet cleaning, the cleaners use a special shampoo detergent. This detergent penetrates the fibers of the carpet as well as removes dirt and debris. If you work with the best carpet cleaning company, you will get better results after shampooing because the professional cleaners are equipped with high-quality equipment.

Dry cleaning

Specialty carpets can be cleaned using a dry cleaning method. However, if your carpets are made of plant or wool fibers, they require extra care and attention. Dry cleaning is the best option for these carpet types. The service is expensive but worth it as dry cleaning increases the lifespan of the carpet.


Deodorizing your carpets can make the cleaning process much easier and more convenient. If your carpets have an unpleasant smell, it could be due to spills or stains. Deodorizing involves steam cleaning the carpets and using special products to eliminate the odors. The cost of deodorizing service depends based on the products used.

Size of your property

Considering the size of the property is important when estimating the carpet cleaning cost. One large room will cost more than several smaller rooms. The size of the room is calculated in square feet, which requires the length and width measurement. Larger square footage will result in a higher cost for cleaning.

Number of rooms

The cost of hiring a carpet cleaning company will increase if there are several rooms with carpets to be cleaned. Yearly cleaning usually includes all the carpeted rooms in your house. However, you may choose to focus on specific rooms for cleaning. In case of a spill, you can always request a quote for cleaning a single room, which may help to reduce the overall cost.

Remove the stains

Your carpet can get stained due to various reasons. If food or drinks spill on the carpet, it can easily stain the fibers. Some common foods that can cause stains include peanut butter, tomato sauce, and mustard. Hard stains are caused by drinks such as grape juice and red wine as they penetrate deep into the carpet. It is important to clean the stain before it sets on the carpet. If the stain has already set in, steam cleaning may help. Stubborn stains require more time and effort. In this case, the overall cleaning cost will increase. Based on these considerations, the cost of hiring your best carpet cleaning company will be.

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