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Cloth Alteration Services

Dubai Laundry Services in UAE
Dubai Laundry Services in UAE
Dubai Laundry Services in UAE

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Cloth Alteration

Garment Alterations:

At times, clothes just need a little pampering in order to make them look captivating again. We offer alteration and restoration of garments to give them a perfect fit and finish.

Handbag Restorations:

We know the love between you and your handbag and thus pay special attention while cleaning and repairing all types of Handbags such as Leather, Nubuck, Fabric, suede, etc.

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Shoes Restorations:

We’ve all been there. You scuff up your favorite pair of shoes and wish you could restore them. We specialize in all types of shoe restoration ranging from simple shoes to expensive one.

Wedding Gown Alterations & Restorations:

If your wedding gown has lost its charm, call us. We specialize in restoring your precious gown to the true color without creating any damage to its fabric. We use the most advanced technique and chemicals to remove stains and discoloration that ordinary dry cleaners cannot.

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