We are professionals in the laundry and dry cleaning business, which means we always stay up to date on the latest technologies, cleaning methods, and solutions for dealing with stains or delicate fabrics. Plus, we maintain the highest standards of business integrity by following local and national regulations and environmental safety rules.

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What kind of clothes can be cleaned through Dry cleaning services?

Garments made of taffeta, silk, acetate, wool, velvet and fabric blends that include wool, rayon and silk can be greatly benefited by dry cleaning services. Garments made of suede or leather can also be dry-cleaned. Unless the care label of your clothes says differently, you can count on dry cleaning service in Dubai Marina to ensure the lasting shine and quality of your clothing.

How often do I need to dry clean my suit?

While it all depends on you how often you put on your suit, typically you should get your exclusive suit dry cleaned once or twice a year. If you wear your suit an average of twice a week, you will definitely need to get it cleaned more frequently. Once a month or once a fortnight would be fine in such cases!

What is the difference between dry cleaning services and laundry services?

Both dry cleaning and laundry services are targeted at cleaning the dirty clothes and removing the stains. However, the basic difference between both the cleaning ways is that, laundering refers to the conventional cleaning with water, detergent, soap and softener whereas dry cleaning is done using solvent without the use of water.

How much time does it take to clean my dirty clothes?

Typically, if you hand in clothes one day, you can expect to get them back ready usually in 48 hours. However, if you are in short of time and want a little quick service, we at dubailaundryservices, clean and return your cloth in 24hrs. Our laundry in Palm Jumeirah will wash, dry, and steam iron your clothes; and deliver it to your doorstep within your desired time.

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