How to Keep My Sofa Clean?

December 30, 2022 0 Comments

If you have a fabric sofa and wondering about how to keep it clean, this guide will prove to be very useful to you. In this guide, we will share easy tips that will help you keep your sofa and couch clean and well-maintained for years to come.

Most often, homeowners neglect sofa cleaning thinking that their sofa is still looking pretty clean. However, over time, your sofa cover and its fabric get loaded with dirt, dust, crumbs, spilled soda, pet hair, dander, and even oil from your hands, feet, and hair. Though it might not be clearly visible to you, your sofa does have few or all of these things, which is why it regularly needs professional sofa cleaning service as well.

Hence, it is crucial for you to clean your sofa regularly.

Tips to Clean Your Fabric Sofa

  1. Vacuum the sofa daily or at least twice a week

To keep your sofa clean, use hand vacuum equipment or the brush attachment on your vacuum to remove debris and dirt from the surface of your sofa. Make sure you clean the crevices as they are more likely to accumulate food particles, pet hair, food crumbs, and dirt. If cushions are not attached, then vacuum your sofa properly after removing those cushions.

  • Clean wood and/or metal surfaces

Most sofas have non-fabric parts and like the fabric sofa, they also need cleaning. So, take a soft microfiber cloth to wipe down the dust off the sofa feet and sofa handles and other non-fabric parts of the sofa by using a solution of warm water and liquid dish soap.

  • Determine the fabric type before using other cleaning methods

Find the tag on the sofa or any document that came with your sofa. Read the instructions for cleaning the sofa upholstery. Some sofas have codes to describe cleaning methods. For instance, WS denotes cleaning using a mild detergent with a steam vacuum or dry-cleaning detergent, S denotes using dry-cleaner detergent only, X means using a vacuum only and no water, and W means you can use water to clean it.

  • Remove stains instantly

If you happen to spill some liquid or food on your sofa, it is always best to take action before it settles down into fibers of the sofa fabric or material deeply. For fabric or synthetic upholstery, you can use a solution of vinegar and warm water along with dish soap. For leather upholstery, you can spray a mixture of olive oil and vinegar.

  • Use a sofa cleaning service

Depending on how frequently you use your sofa, how many people use it, if you have any pets, and other factors, you should use a professional sofa cleaning service every two months, 6 months, or a year.

Sofa cleaning professionals are specialized in sofa spa, sofa shampooing, and steam vacuum cleaning. All these methods help remove dirt and grime even from heavily soiled surfaces.

Even if you vacuum clean your sofa regularly, getting your sofa professionally cleaned is highly recommended because it not only helps you keep your sofa clean and use-worthy but also enhances its lifespan.

When was the last time you get your sofa professionally cleaned? If it has been months or never seen professional cleaning, it’s high time to use a sofa cleaning service in Dubai.