How can You Remove Cigarette Smell from Your Carpet?

December 22, 2022 0 Comments

Not only dirt and dust, but a carpet holds cigarette smell or other bothersome odors. So if you are a regular smoker or someone in your neighborhood smokes regularly, you should consider carpet cleaning. If the carpet isn’t clean, the smoke smell will stay inside your house for a long time, causing severe health issues to your family members. Just keep in mind that cigarette smell not only infects the smoker but everyone around. 

There are other things in your house as well that holds a cigarette smell, but your carpet is the major one. 

DIY Tips To Remove Cigarette Smell From Your Carpet 

You should use baking soda. As one of the strongest home remedies, baking soda neutralizes the molecules that hold unpleasant odors. To use baking soda, you should sprinkle it generously over the affected carpet area and let it sit for at least 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, you should vacuum the baking soda thoroughly. 

Another home remedy to remove the cigarette smell from your carpet is a mixture of water and white vinegar. You should mix two parts of water with one part of the white vinegar. Then, you should mist this mixture over the carpet. You shouldn’t extract this mixture; instead, you should let it seep into the carpet and then use fans as well as open windows to encourage the carpet to dry. The vinegar will eliminate unpleasant odor and it doesn’t need to be removed from the carpet to work. 

Hire Professionals For Carpet Cleaning In Dubai 

If you have tried the home remedies discussed above and got no positive result, you should hire professionals for carpet cleaning in Dubai. Professionals will use stronger and more effective methods to remove the cigarette smell from your carpet. 

There are multiple methods, but a method that professional cleaners commonly prefer is steam cleaning. 

Cigarette smoke lingers in the tars and oils of tobacco. So, when you or anyone smokes in and around your house, these tars and oils melt and become airborne. Then, they cling to walls, floors, furniture fabric, and other surfaces. Carpet is one of them. 

Steam cleaning melts those tars and oils, making them easier to extract during the carpet cleaning process. Once you remove those tars and oils, you will remove the cigarette smoke molecules and odors trapped in them. Steam also loosens dirt and other oils and kills mold and mildew, ensuring a fresh, clean scent throughout your home. 

The only downside of steam carpet cleaning is that carpets take more time to dry completely after the process. 

One Important Note- You shouldn’t try DIY steam carpet cleaning as it is dangerous and risks burn to your skin, sinus, passage, and eyes. 

Both home remedies and professional carpet cleaning options are available. The only difference is that professional cleaning gives good and long-lasting results. So, you should choose wisely. 

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