A Guide to Two Professional Sofa Cleaning Ways

October 13, 2022 0 Comments

After a year or two, even the best sofa starts looking dull, especially if there are kids and pets at home. The impressions of kids’ hands and legs and pets’ paws poorly impact the look of the sofa. The worst thing is these impressions don’t go easily, even if washed twice or thrice using the best cleaning solutions. Sometimes, the sofa loses its charm because of regular washing and has to be replaced sooner than expected. 

DIY sofa cleaning is not recommended if the stains are stronger. We don’t recommend DIY cleaning even if the stains are lighter. The best thing is to get your sofa cleaned professionally. It’s very different from what you do at home and how you clean the sofa. 

Many people don’t prefer professional sofa cleaning because they don’t know what happens in it. They assume it to be general cleaning with high charges in return. They also fear that their sofa would get damaged soon with professional cleaning. 

The first and most important, professional cleaning will never damage your sofa; instead, it will increase the lifespan of your sofa. And most importantly, professional cleaners know ways to clean sofas of different materials effectively. 

Second, we will explain the two common professional sofa cleaning ways in this post for your better understanding. 

Sofa shampooing– Just like you shampoo your hair, detergents and soaps are used to get rid of dirt, grease, and stains on the sofa. For sofa shampooing, a machine with a powerful motor is used along with brushes. These things allow deeper and more penetrating cleaning. 

The machine has a tank attached by a hose to a spinning nylon brush. The tank holds the cleaning solution and the brush injects the cleaning solution into the sofa as a thick foam. The foam and lather loosen the dirt and stains, helping the vacuum to suck them. 

Sofa shampooing finishes by rinsing it with fresh hot water, followed by the sucking of moisture by a powerful vacuum. 

Steam vacuum cleaning- Also known as hot water extraction cleaning, steam vacuum cleaning uses water vapor heated to a high temperature at high pressure. In this cleaning process, a powerful pump and vacuum are used. 

The pump and vacuum send steam deep into the sofa, dislodging dirt, oils, and stains that clung to the sofa fibers. Later, the water vapor and loose particles are sucked up from the sofa fibers using a hose. 

Often, professionals use a truck-mounted steam cleaner to get the required heat and suction. The steam cleaner is a combination of high temperature and high pressure, making it more effective. 

Sofa Shampooing Vs. Steam Vacuum Cleaning 

Sofa steam vacuum cleaning uses only water, making it environment-friendly and safe for people who are sensitive to chemicals. Also, it requires less drying time. 

Regarding sofa shampooing, it does the deepest cleaning because chemicals are used. Shampooing is a great option to remove strong stains from your sofa. 

Deciding between sofa shampooing and steam vacuum cleaning is not easy. Based on the condition of your sofa, our sofa cleaning service professionals will determine the best cleaning method and charge you accordingly.