3 Most Common Myths About Dry Cleaning

September 20, 2022 0 Comments

Dry cleaning is better than regular washing of your clothes. But, is it? Many of you would have believed it, which isn’t wrong. It’s because actually, dry cleaning is better than regular washing. It’s safe with good results. But unfortunately, many of you might not agree. Your mind might not believe this statement. 

Do you know why? It’s because of the dry cleaning misconceptions prevailing in the industry. Different people say different things about dry cleaning and others believe them without giving it a second thought. Because of these misconceptions, people hesitate to use dry cleaning services. 

In this post, we will discuss the 3 most common myths about dry cleaning and the facts related to them. 

Myth 1: Clothes Should Be Dry Cleaned As Little As Possible 

If you are using dry-clean-only items, there is no minimum time for getting them dry-cleaned. You should get them cleaned even after one day of wearing them. It’s because ammonia in the sweat that gets transferred to the clothes can seriously damage them if not cleaned right away. You should be more careful of the items that turn yellow or become maroon over time. 

Even if you don’t wear the clothes next time, ammonia will damage them. It’s because the chemical stays on the clothes till they are not cleaned. This also increases the chance of staining the clothes. 

Keeping this in mind, you shouldn’t consider the number of dry cleaning times; instead, you should consider the condition and requirement of the clothes. 

Myth 2: Home Washing Is Safe Than Dry Cleaning 

Though you use the best washing machine and chemical-free cleaning solutions, home washing is not safe. Home washing refers to traditional washing in which clothes fade more often. The washing process is not so delicate. 

On the other hand, dry cleaning is much more delicate than traditional washing. It’s because dry cleaning solvent is lighter than water. Also, dry cleaning preserves color more than typical washing. The only thing is you should connect with one of the best laundry services. 

Even if you increase the number of dry cleaning sessions, the clothes will not fade. Your items will always look new. 

Myth 3: Dry Cleaned Smells Bad 

The smell of the clothes matters. No one would love to stand nearby if your clothes smell bad. But, this doesn’t happen after dry cleaning. As already said, the dry-cleaning solvents are delicate and lighter than water. So, there is no way that clothes will smell bad after dry cleaning. 

If your dry-cleaned clothes smell like chemicals, body odor, or worse, you should look for another laundry service provider. It means your cleaner isn’t waiting long enough for the solvent to be completely removed or using a clean solvent. The disgusting part is that soil and sweat are still on your clothes. 

Dry cleaning is a great option to keep your clothes clean and increase their lifespan. So, forget the misconceptions and give your clothes for dry cleaning to a laundry service provider.