What is Professional Carpet Cleaning Service All About?

September 27, 2022 0 Comments

Professional carpet cleaning doesn’t mean following a standard cleaning technique and using a particular set of cleaning solutions. It’s just a misconception that many people have in their minds. Thus, they hesitate to give their expensive carpets for cleaning; instead, they prefer DIY carpet cleaning. They get doubtful if the particular cleaning technique will work for their carpet or not. 

The fact is the best carpet cleaning company follows different cleaning techniques based on the carpet type. There is no standard method followed, meaning your expensive carpets are completely safe. 

Different professional carpet cleaning methods are:

  • Hot Water Extraction Cleaning

In the cleaning method, state-of-the-art cleaning is used. The equipment used ensures high levels of heat and suction, giving good results. The equipment is gentle on the carpets but removes all types of dirt and impurities. 

  • Dry Cleaning

Not only carpet cleaning but dry cleaning is also recommended for other pieces of clothing. This is why dry cleaning is one of the latest and most popular cleaning methods. One of the reasons that dry cleaning is popular is that it doesn’t require time, meaning you will get your carpets soon after cleaning. In this method, professional cleaners use specialized machines that permit no moisture or very low moisture cleaning. This removes stains, dirt, sand, and allergens and beautifies the carpets. 

  • Carpet Shampooing 

Though carpet shampooing works effectively on heavily soiled carpets, it is not preferred by many carpet cleaning companies. And the reason is it leaves behind a high amount of wet foam residues in the carpet. Also, the process takes a long time to dry. After drying, the carpet becomes sticky because rinsing is done after shampooing and rapid re-soiling of the carpet. 

  • Dry Foam

Very similar to the carpet shampooing method, the dry foam relies on the aggressiveness of the brushing action. The brush used for dry foaming is usually counter-rotating cylindrical. The major difference is that the cleaning solution is whipped into a foam in foam dry method and used as the liquid in carpet shampooing. 

  • Preconditioning

Unlike other carpet cleaning methods, preconditioning agents are applied to the carpet in the preconditioning method. This agent bonds with the soil particles, loosening and making them easier to remove afterward. Preconditioning agents are of different types. So, the cleaners choose them based on the carpet’s fabric. For example, alkaline solutions are used with synthetic fiber carpets and mildly acidic solutions are used with woolen carpets. 

  • Encapsulation

For this carpet cleaning method, the cleaners use synthetic detergents as a base because they crystallize into powder form after drying. They use specialized applicators or a compression sprayer to apply encapsulation products. After the detergent dries, the cleaners suck up the polymer and dirt crystals using a vacuum. This method has overtaken carpet shampooing because the former uses less water and takes less drying time. 

  • Bonnet Cleaning 

This is a very skillful carpet cleaning method. In this method, the cleaners use a heavy-duty motorized machine with a spinning pad to clean the top of the carpet fiber. The spinning pad is immersed with the cleaning solution to absorb dirt from the carpet surface. The process is risky if used on the wrong type of carpet. 

This is what the service of a professional carpet cleaning company is all about. It’s better to discuss the cleaning method before for more satisfaction.