Can I Unshrink My Clothes?

September 12, 2022 0 Comments

That’s a very big question and doubtful as well. When the clothes shrink and people are unable to fit in, they throw or donate them. They feel shrunk clothes are of no use. Unnecessarily, they will take the space in the wardrobe, creating clutter and lots of mess every time. People don’t even think of unshrinking their clothes because according to them, it’s impossible. 

Years ago, shrunk clothes were considered useless because there were no ways to unshrink them. But, things are different today and clothes’ unshrinking is possible, meaning you don’t have to throw out or donate your favorite pieces. You can wear them for as long as you want. 

In this post, we will discuss one or two simple tricks to unshrink your clothes. But, before that, we will list the tips to prevent shrinking. With this, you don’t have to worry about unshrinking. 

How To Prevent Shrinking Of Your Clothes?

  • You Should Read The Tags 

On most of the clothing items, you will find washing and drying directions. You should read the washing tips carefully and follow them strictly, especially if you are washing the piece for the first time.

  • You Shouldn’t Prefer A High Temperature 

High temperature includes the use of hot water for washing and drying in high heat in the washing machine. No matter what the fiber type is, it will shrink because of high temperature. Some fabrics shrink more than others. 

  • You Should Air-Dry Your Clothes 

When drying your clothes, you should minimize their exposure to heat and allow them to air-dry slowly. This will prevent shrinkage. You should try dry shrinking as much as possible. Other than this, you should use a drying rack and shouldn’t hang the clothes on a clothesline. Hanging on the clothesline may stretch clothes out. 

How To Unshrink Your Clothes?

Look for the best laundry shop in Dubai and give your shrunk clothes for dry cleaning. Yes, you read it right. Dry cleaning will solve all your problems because dry cleaners have the proper machinery and heat settings to effectively restore clothes to their original condition. Changes are very high that a dry cleaner will reverse the damage that happened to your clothes. 

If you want to try unshrinking at home, you should take a tub full of lukewarm water and add a cap full of baby shampoo. Then, you should place clothes into the water and soak them for about 5 minutes. Soaking relaxes fibers in the clothes. 

After 5 minutes, you should take clothes out from the water and gently squeeze them. Then, you should roll them in a towel to absorb any additional moisture. Next, you should spread the clothes on a fresh towel and reshape them to their original dimensions. Last, you should leave the clothes to air-dry. 

A DIY unshrinking method is easy but the result isn’t guaranteed. So, we recommend dry cleaning from a reputable laundry shop in Dubai. You should check the experience of the shop and find out its cleaning techniques. Most importantly, you should check the online ratings and reviews of the shop.