Is It a Good Idea to Clean Blackout Curtains at Home? If not, Why?

May 6, 2021 0 Comments

Blackout curtains are essential items especially for those homes where a room (especially a bedroom) gets a lot of sunlight and heat. Since blackout curtains also help save energy by blocking the sunlight, they are becoming popular among homeowners in the UAE.

Cleaning Blackout Curtains: The Home vs. Professional Debate

Another reason why people love to install blackout curtains in their bedrooms is that these curtains help create the perfect ambience for sleeping. But like any other curtain, blackout curtains also get dirty over time.

Why Should You Clean Blackout Curtains Regularly?

The front side of blackout curtains is made up of woven fabric that easily catches dirt, pet hair, dander, mould, and other particles. When these things accumulate over the woven fabric, they steal the pristine and clean look of your blackout curtains.

An untidy look is not the only problem when your blackout curtains are laden with allergens and dust. Opening and closing curtains cause these particulates to swirl all over the room, which can further lead to health issues. Besides, as these curtains get dingier, they also don’t smell good. Thus, it is always good to think about blackout curtain cleaning and get it done regularly.

Can I Machine Wash My Blackout Curtains?

Blackout curtains are not the ones that you can wash using your machine. Consult a professional cleaner and he/she will always say NO to Machine Wash Your Blackout Curtains unless you are okay with ruining them. It’s because these are special types of curtain that have a backing of rubber or foam. This special backing allows them to provide better insulation and prevent excess heat from entering your room during hot days. Hence, they need special treatment when it comes to their cleaning and washing.

If your blackout curtains come with a tag of “Dry Clean Only”, then you must give up the idea of cleaning them at home. Even if there is no such tag, professional cleaning is recommended. Cleaning blackout curtains at home can further break down the backing. These curtains are often expensive and trying to wash them on your own can lead to drastic results.

Most often, homeowners, who wash blackout curtains at home even by following instructions, end up with ruined and torn blackout curtains. So, if you want an honest answer, then, no, you should not machine wash your blackout curtains no matter how many guides you have gone through unless you are a professional yourself and have all the needed cleaning equipment and chemicals needed to clean these curtains.

So, if your blackout curtains need cleaning, trust only a professional service provider who offers quality laundry services in your area and is specialized in blackout curtain cleaning.