Get Your Suit Altered and Impress Them All With the Perfect Look

May 12, 2021 0 Comments

For men, getting out in that dapper and sophisticated look is not as easy as it looks. Whether you wear suits on a daily basis or love to wear them on special events only, it is important that your suits perfectly fit you. While suits from different brands may have different fits and sizes, you can get your suit altered so that it looks like that the suit is made just for you. At Dubai Laundry Services, we offer high-quality cloth alteration services as we always want you to look stellar no matter where you are going and what you are wearing.

How to Know If Your Suit Needs Alteration

When a suit is too loose for you, the need for alteration is obvious. However, sometimes, you might feel confused about whether you should seek a cloth alteration service or not. To help you out, here, we are sharing a few tips.

Your Suit Needs Alteration When:

  • An X-shape appears at the buttons of your jacket.
  • A divot is visible at the shoulders.
  • The suit is skin-tight.
  • The jacket is too long.
  • The shirt size is too large that leads to billow or crease.
  • Sleeves are too bulky or long that they cover your hands.
  • The length of the pant is longer than you need.
  • The waist and seat of the pant are not comfortable or too loose.

Other Considerations

You might not always have the same issues. Based on the brand, size, fit, and make of a suit, you may need alteration to solve different issues. For instance, you may want to add a crotch guard to decrease friction if your pant’s crotch area is worn out in general. You may want to add or remove pockets. You might want to taper your pockets to avoid billowing. We can do it all for you, given that there is scope for alteration.

A Piece of Useful Advice:

When you shop for suits, always make sure to not buy a suit that is too short for you. Most brands don’t leave the extra fabric in blazers to allow for lengthening. And matching the fabric with that of the blazer or other piece of your suit can be very difficult. Shortening pants, sleeves, and jackets is easier than lengthening them. So, if you don’t find a suit in your exact size, getting a plus one size is always better than a minus one size. Once you get your new suit in your hands, simply get it altered.

Our Cloth Alteration Services Are Meant to Tailor-Fit Your Suits (and other garments that need tailoring). So, if you have the above-mentioned or any other issues, just get in touch with us.