Do I Need Steam or Vacuum Cleaning for My Mattress?

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July 12, 2023 0 Comments

According to Ohio State University, an average old mattress may contain 100,000 to 10 million mites. It clearly shows that you should get your mattresses cleaned right away. When it comes to mattress cleaning, two common methods are steam cleaning and vacuum cleaning. Each method offers unique benefits depending on your specific needs.

This blog will help you answer the question of whether you should go for steam cleaning or vacuum mattress cleaning.

Understanding Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is the process of thoroughly cleaning and sanitizing your mattress with hot steam. The high-temperature steam kills germs, dust mites, and other allergens while cleaning thoroughly. Steam cleaning is helpful for removing stains, reducing odors, and sanitizing the surface of your mattress.

When should you choose steam Mattress cleaning?

You should opt for steam cleaning if you have the following concerns:

You are Allergic: If you have allergies or respiratory sensitivities, steam cleaning is a good option. The high-temperature steam eliminates dust mites and allergens, lowering the risk of allergic reactions.

Deep Stains and Odors that Don’t go away: Steam cleaning is an excellent method for cleaning; it helps remove deep stains and odors from your mattress. The heated steam penetrates the cloth, breaking it down and removing stubborn marks as well as smells.

You Started to Have Hygiene Issues: Steam washing is an excellent alternative for thoroughly sanitizing your mattress. The steam’s high temperature eliminates germs, viruses, and mold spores, assuring a clean sleeping surface.

Understanding Vacuum Cleaning

Vacuum cleaning is the process of removing surface dust, dirt, and allergens from your mattress using a vacuum cleaner. It is a routine cleaning method that keeps your mattress free of debris and ensures optimal sleep hygiene.

When Should You Choose a Vacuum Mattress Cleaning?

You should choose the vacuum method for mattress cleaning if you need:

Regular Maintenance: Vacuum cleaning is appropriate for regular mattress maintenance. It removes surface dust, dead skin cells, and pet dander from your mattress, keeping it fresh between major cleanings.

Quick and simple cleaning: Vacuuming is a practical and time-saving procedure. It needs little setup and is an ideal choice for routine maintenance without the need for intensive cleaning operations.

Surface dirt Removal: If your mattress has no deep stains or odors and you only want to remove surface dirt, vacuuming is adequate. It keeps allergens out of your mattress, resulting in a better sleeping environment.

Choosing the Right Method

When deciding between steam cleaning and vacuum cleaning for your mattress, consider your specific needs and the condition of your mattress. If you are having respiratory problems, have deep stains, or persistent odors that require thorough sanitization, steam cleaning is recommended.

Vacuuming, on the other hand, is sufficient for maintaining a clean surface, removing surface debris, and performing regular maintenance.

Both steam cleaning and vacuum cleaning are effective methods for mattress cleaning. Get in contact with a professional mattress cleaning service near you and get your mattresses cleaned right away.

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