Curtain Cleaning Service: Some frequently Asked Questions

June 9, 2021 0 Comments

Taking down the curtains from the hook for cleaning is a huge household task. People have to decide a day for curtain cleaning because it isn’t simple as cleaning other clothes. The curtains are large and impossible for a person to wash alone. Also, the curtains require special cleaning attention to ensure their beauty for a long.

To ease this problem and reduce the headache of the homeowners, there are companies offering carpet cleaning services at affordable rates. But still, homeowners are hesitant of hiring the service. It’s because they have lots of questions regarding the same and their questions are unanswered.

In this blog, we will answer some of the frequently asked questions related to carpet cleaning services.

Why do we need professionals for curtain cleaning?

It isn’t compulsory but a great preventive step to protect your curtains and increase their life. You can wash the curtain at home using different cleaning solutions and your washing machine. But it won’t guarantee good results.

Curtain cleaning requires a special technique because the chances of post-wash shrinkage are very high due to the heaviness of curtains. Also, the fabric of the curtain is very different from your normal clothes. The professionals know the ways to deal with different kinds of curtains with proper stabilization of the fabric. Other than this, the cleaning procedure used by professionals increases the lifespan of the curtains.

Laundry means using a cleaning solution and machine. So, why is curtain cleaning costly?

Laundry indeed requires a cleaning solution and machine for good results. But this process doesn’t apply to the curtain cleaning service. Other than these two cleaning elements, the service provider chooses a particular process for cleaning the curtains.

The selection of the cleaning process depends on the fabric, quality, and other cleaning needs of your curtains. The process and other few factors define the cost. So, you shouldn’t compare the curtain cleaning service with other laundries.

To ensure the right cost calculation of curtain cleaning, you should discuss the details with your service provider. You should find out the different costs charged by the company. With this, the cost structure will be pretty clear.

How often should we clean our curtains?

Curtains adorn the doors and windows and enhance the overall look of the room. But with that, they prevent dust, sunshine, and wind from entering inside. Due to these reasons, the curtain gathers dust, germ, debris, dust mite, and odor over time that become harmful for the residents. Dirty curtains lead to many health issues.

The frequency of the curtain cleaning depends on the location you live in and the number of pollutants the curtain is attracting. If the area is windy or traffic in your house is high, you should clean the curtains once a month.

According to experts, different seasons and climates also impact the cleanliness of the curtain. Curtains get soiled quickly if there is humidity or excess dryness in the atmosphere. In such situations, you should clean the curtains regularly.

We know deciding on a curtain cleaning service isn’t easy because it’s about a day. You will need the service now and forever to ensure cleanliness in your house and prevent health issues. So, you should think wisely.