Which Is Better – Carpet Shampooing or Steam Cleaning?

July 8, 2021 0 Comments

Even if you vacuum clean your carpet once in a while, you might think that you won’t need to think about professional carpet cleaning. To be honest, carpet vacuum cleaning is good but you will still need to get it cleaned professionally to get rid of bacteria, allergens, and dust. As months pass by, your carpets become home to pathogens, pollens, molds, dander, pet hair, and foul odor that can have adverse effects on the health of your family, including you. So, based on how much your carpet gets dirty, it is advisable to get the assistance of quality carpet cleaning services in your local area.

Carpet Shampooing vs. Steam Cleaning: Choosing the Best Carpet Cleaning Method

When it comes to getting professional carpet cleaning assistance, you might find yourself in the dilemma of which type of cleaning is best for your carpet – carpet shampooing or steam cleaning. So, today, we will discuss these two carpet cleaning methods to help you decide which one you should prefer.

Carpet Shampooing

What is carpet shampooing?

Carpet shampooing is the best way of cleaning your carpet when dirt and crumbs are ingrained deep into your carpet fibers and won’t come off easily with a regular vacuum cleaning machine. It is a great way of removing most stains, dirt, and odor to restore the beauty of your carpet.

How is carpet shampooing done?

When you hire a carpet shampooing service, a carpet cleaning professional will come with a device that looks like a vacuum cleaner. However, this device is designed to wash and shampoo the carpet.

When should I prefer carpet shampooing?

If your carpet is visibly dirty and has a lot of stains or it has been a long time since the last shampoo procedure, it’s time to call professionals for carpet shampooing. Besides, if you have moved to a new house, it is highly recommended that you start off with shampooing all carpets in your home to maintain a fresh, clean, and hygienic environment.

Carpet Steam Cleaning

What is Carpet Steam Cleaning?

Carpet steam cleaning is a gentle cleaning procedure during which a professional sanitizes the carpet. It can help you get rid of even pests including dust mites, fleas, and bed bugs.

How is carpet steam cleaning done?

This method uses steam to get rid of pathogens and kill pests and destroy their eggs which may not be achieved with carpet shampooing.

When should I prefer carpet steam cleaning?

Carpet steam cleaning is highly effective to clean carpets of large sizes that are not laden with lots of stains and debris.

So, which method is best for my carpet – carpet shampooing or steam cleaning?

Both procedures come with their pros and cons. While carpet shampooing is perfect to clean a heavily soiled carpet, the carpet takes longer to dry after shampoo.

On the contrary, steam cleaning majorly focuses on disinfecting the carpet and removing light dirt buildup. Steam cleaning is not suitable to remove the heavy accumulation of dirt and debris. If you like to get your carpet cleaned professionally frequently, you should choose steam cleaning.

When it comes to cost, carpet shampooing is costlier than steam cleaning. However, you should not choose solely on the basis of cost. You should choose the type of cleaning only after considering how dirty and stained your carpet is.