What Fabrics Should and Should Not be Dry Cleaned?

November 17, 2021 0 Comments

In the dry-cleaning process, special solvents and cleaning agents are used to get rid of food stains, oil-based stains, ink stains, wine stains, and other types of stains that are hard to clean from your fabric. Clothes or fabrics that require dry-cleaning come with a tag saying “Dry Clean Only”, and you should not use regular cleaning methods using water and detergents to clean them. As it is not a cheaper alternative to regular cleaning, you should not take your regular clothes to dry cleaners. 

For some fabrics, dry cleaning is a must to protect their value, quality, color, and uniformity. Regular water cleaning methods can damage the fabric quality. So, if you don’t find any tag saying “Dry Clean Only” on your expensive fabrics and afraid if you should go for machine washing or call the best dry cleaners and home delivery services in your region, here’re is a list of fabrics that should and should not be dry cleaned.

Fabrics that need to be dry cleaned

They are usually luxurious, fancy, and expensive fabrics including:

  • Linen

It is a natural fabric and should be dry cleaned to maintain the quality. Lenin can be hand washed using cold water, but one needs to be careful while washing. In most cases, dry cleaning is best for linen.

  • Silk

If you want your silk fabric to last for a lifetime, then you should take it for dry cleaning. Silk is not a regular fabric, and han,dwashing can ruin its quality. It is a fancy, luxurious, and expensive fabric. Dry cleaning ensures to protect its quality, color, and luster.

  • Leather

Leather jackets, bags, and accessories should not be machine washed as it could shrink or crack the leather. Dry cleaning is the best to clean and remove your leather items.

  • Suede

Suede is very similar to leather and is not a water-loving fabric. Never use water to clean suede as it can ruin it. Dry cleaning can be costly but there is no other way to clean and remove grime and dirt.

  • Rayon

It is a semi-synthetic material composed of cellulose fibers. There is the chance of shrinkage or damage when machine washed using water and detergents. Dry cleaning is the safest way to clean rayon fabric.

Fabrics that should not be dry cleaned

As dry cleaning is a costly process compared to regular cleaning methods, you don’t need to take all your clothes for dry cleaning. Here’re the list of fabrics that can be machine washed:

  • Cotton

Cotton is the most widely used fabric for a variety of purposes. It is the easiest fabric to clean using a machine or hand washing method. It does not need dry cleaning to remove any kind of stain. You can use both warm and cold water for cleaning cotton textiles.

  • Wool

Almost all the woolen clothes can be hand washed using proper detergents through a gentle process. Be careful with machine wash with your woolen clothes.

  • Cashmere

Cashmere is expensive and looks likes it will require safe cleaning to maintain its quality, but it is not the case. Cashmere textiles can be hand washed to preserve their quality. Dry cleaning can damage its natural fibers.

  • Synthetic fabrics

Synthetic fabrics like polyester, acrylic, nylon, acetate, and spandex are machine washable. You should waste your money on dry cleaning to clean synthetic textiles.

In the end, the quality, price, lusting, and luxurious values are the common factors to decide which fabrics should and should not be dry cleaned in almost every case. Dry cleaning keeps the quality, color, and value of your fabrics and you should be aware of fabric types before sending them for regular and dry-cleaning services. At Dubai Laundry Services, we are the best dry cleaners and home delivery service provider in the UAE. We offer comprehensive laundry services at affordable costs for almost all types of clothing and household fabrics. Give us a call book to book your slot.