Is it Really Worth to Give Your Clothes for Dry Cleaning?

April 20, 2022 0 Comments

Dry cleaning is a method of cleaning clothes, upholstery, bedding, curtains, and other types of fabrics that do not involve the use of water. Water can cause damage to certain fabrics, and a washing machine can ruin some delicate clothing accessories and parts such as buttons, sequins, lace, sequins, and lace. It is the reason why dry cleaning is the preferred cleaning method for some fabrics to protect their quality and delicacy.

Dry Cleaning Demystified: Making an Informed Decision for Your Clothing Care

Cleaners use a variety of chemicals and solvents to clean fabrics during the dry-cleaning process. It is the reason why some people don’t want to go for it. And if you are one among them, then you are not alone who is questioning whether or not to give your clothes for dry cleaning. However, the best dry cleaners and home delivery experts in your region understand the significance of providing dry cleaning to your delicate garments. That’s why they are running a successful business.

So, if you are confused about the dry-cleaning process, here are some of the reasons why you should consider dry cleaning – at least for certain fabrics. But before this, you have to know about the basics of the dry-cleaning process.

The misunderstanding comes from the fact that not everyone knows how and when dry cleaning is done. And when they don’t, they prefer machine wash to save some money. Let’s clear that up right now.

Basics of Dry Cleaning

If you think dry cleaning is a completely dry process, then you are wrong here. Yes, dry cleaners do not use water for cleaning, but they use perchloroethylene, a petroleum-based solvent, to dissolve dirt and stains without damaging the quality of your clothes or harming the fabric. Dry cleaning protects the quality of your delicate and valuable clothing and keeps them looking new and fresh after the cleaning process.

When should you prefer dry cleaning over machine wash?

You may have noticed that some labels on your clothing simply say “machine wash”, some say “dry clean,” while others say “dry clean only.” It is from the manufacturers on how you should wash a specific piece of clothing to protect their quality. The “machine wash” label suggests that you can wash your clothing in your washing machine at home like any other clothing. There is no special instruction to clean them. However, clothing with labels “dry clean” and “dry clean only” have the following recommendations:

  • Dry Clean: Dry cleaning is recommended but not necessary. However, dry cleaning could bring the best result and prolong the life of your clothes.
  • Dry Clean Only: Anything other than dry cleaning will ruin your fabric. So, be careful before machine washing.

Wool, silk, and cashmere are examples of delicate fabrics, and you should avoid washing them using water in your washing machine. Elaborate garments with beads and laces are also vulnerable to significant damage when washed with water. Dry cleaning is recommended to clean these types of clothing to avoid any potential damage.

Finally, dry cleaning requires gentler work from cleaning experts and professionals. It is advised to hire the best dry cleaners and home delivery experts in your region for the best results and services because dry cleaning is well worth your money when done by industry experts.