How to Prepare Your Clothes for Quick Dry Cleaning Pickup

July 28, 2021 0 Comments

Whether you are going to hire a dry cleaning pickup service in Dubai for the first time or you are sending your clothes for dry cleaning regularly, there is a high probability that you might not know how to prepare your clothes for quick dry cleaning pickup.

While it might sound too simple, the following steps can make the pickup process faster and reduce your complaints as well.

Choose the clothes that need dry cleaning

Gather all your clothes that need to be dry cleaned beforehand and keep them separate from other clothes. If you are not sure which clothes require dry cleaning, you can check their labels. Most clothes that require dry cleaning come with the label ‘dry clean only’. Apart from these, you can also dry clean other items, such as denim, comforters, blankets, and curtains. Dry cleaning prevents your clothing from shrinking and fading. So, if you have clothes that you want to last for several years, dry cleaning makes a good choice.

Check out the pockets of all your dry cleaning garments

Before you give your garments away for dry cleaning, it is a must to check the pockets of each cloth and make sure that they are empty. Whether it is gum, pen, card, money, or any other item, you must take it out to protect your clothing during the dry cleaning process and avoid losing your belongings. While your local dry cleaner will also check the pockets, checking them yourself will give you peace of mind.

Mark and document all the stains for dry cleaning

Marking all the stains before you send your garments for dry cleaning will help you make sure that they are properly treated. You can place masking tape or pins next to the stains to make it easier for dry cleaners to find them and ensure that they don’t miss these stains. If possible, you can provide information about the stains. It will help dry cleaners to use the right chemicals to treat specific stains. While dry cleaners will check stains too, two sets of eyes are better to get the best results.

Check for missing buttons and any damage in advance

Observe your clothes thoroughly and see if any garment is already missing buttons or if a garment is already damaged. It will help you avoid any confusion later about whether the dry cleaner is responsible for them or not. If there is already some issue, you can talk to your dry cleaner to fix it.

See If Your Clothes Need Any Alteration

Check whether your dry cleaner also offers a cloth alteration service. You can ask them to make alterations if your clothing doesn’t fit you perfectly anymore. You can leave a note with your garments or discuss it with them over the phone. Their team will make necessary alterations and also dry clean your clothes.

Once you are done with all these steps, you can schedule the dry cleaning pickup service. This way, you will save time when the company professional arrives at your door to pick up your clothing.