How to Clean the Blackout Curtains & Fabrics?

March 8, 2022 0 Comments

On the off chance, if you are looking to block the light from entering your room, black-out curtains and fabrics are the best options. No matter how much we admire the sunshine-filled days when it comes to sound sleep, nothing can ever beat the dark comforting room. Dark is love!

Effective Guide: How to Clean Blackout Curtains & Fabrics Safely and Efficiently

Not only rooms but various spaces such as nurseries and other areas of the house can also be benefited from blackout curtains. When you use blackout curtains at home, it is essential to keep in your head that these curtains, similar to other curtains can get dirty; collects allergens and debris over a course of time. Therefore, you to keep in check when and how to wash blackout curtains at home. However, you always have the option of dry cleaners for Blackout Curtains Cleaning in Dubai.          

To ease your stress, we have come up with some vital steps for blackout curtains cleaning. Keep reading to know and follow.

  1. Make use of a Vacuum: To your knowledge, one of the best ways for Blackout Curtains Cleaning is to utilize a vacuum. Prior to you going to deep blackout curtains cleaning, vacuuming your curtains at least a couple of times a week is an outstanding idea. Take out your vacuum and simply vacuum the curtain and collect the dirt, dust, and allergens that have been gathered on them. Do this from the front and the back of the panels.
  • Make use of a Laundry Soap to Spot Clean: Are you feeling a slight more OC? Or, if you have spare time, you can do the additional thing that is spot cleaning. Take the curtains out from the rod and spot clean them with the help of laundry soap. Gently work on the spot by pouring some warm water, soap, and a cloth. Having said that; however, make sure to rinse it right away. Always keep in your head; never make use of any bleach or harsh chemicals, particularly if you have dark-colored curtains with multiple panels.
  • Go for a Deep Clean: Make sure to follow the given instructions when washing the blackout curtains at home. Well, the conventional techniques of delicate cleaning should be okay-ish to do, but it would be wise to precisely follow the care instructions. To eliminate the risk of damage, it is better to do a light curtain cleaning. Fill a tub or a hefty tank with warm soapy water. Make use of a small amount of soap and put it in the tub. Squeeze the curtains by working the material and twisting it to remove any dirt, allergens, and dust from it as gently as possible. Once you’ve properly washed the curtains, rinse them, and remove as much water as possible. 

 These were the three vital steps you can follow to wash your blackout curtains at home without any hassle. For any further assistance or information, please feel free to get in touch with us. We’re happy to help.